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After some repairs on a slightly older ESD simulator, we felt the need to do a verification of the output pulse. Particularly the voltage, but it would be great to view the actual waveform as well. Only problem was these standardized ESD targets; these are ridiculously expensive for what is basically just a little bit of brass, stainless steel, some PTFE and an N connector. We checked what’s required and how to make it, and the result is here.

The device is also known as a ‘Pommerenke target’, which is the successor of the older 1GHz ‘Pellegrini target’, although nor IEC 61000-4-2 nor ISO 10605 mention either of these names.

In order to be able to calibrate the target + attenuator + cable to the requirements, we had to change the cable termination from BNC to SMA. Up to 1GHz we are with the ±0.5dB requirement. Up to about 4GHz we are also okay with ±1.2dB.  To connect with the typical 2GHz oscilloscope, you have to add a SMA to BNC adapter. In order to measure beyond 6kV or so (25A pulse), additional attenuators might be needed (on the SMA side of the cable) since the 50Ω-mode input voltage of many oscilloscopes is limited to 5V.

The standard is not particularly clear on how to use this device. Particularly on how to set the scale of the oscilloscope. The verification is done by measuring some currents (3.75A/kV, rise time 800ps±25%, I30ns = 2A/kV, I60ns = 1A/kV). We use the Zsys method from annex B.3 of the standard, except performed directly on the scope. So we apply a 1A DC current to the target, then  adjust the scale of the scope to get a representative indication of that current. Limit the DC current to pulses of a second or so to keep thermal effects to a minimum.

We also carry a kit that includes the target adapter line!


  • Per IEC 61000-4-2:2008 / EN 61000-4-2:2009 Annex C / ISO 10605:2008 Annex B
  • Test discharge levels up to ±30kV
  • 2.04Ω ±1% Termination resistance
  • 50Ω N connection
  • Dimensions ⌀70×40mm
  • 20dB attenuator included
  • 1m RG400 N to SMA cable included
  • Stainless steel drilling template included

Optional target adapter line

  • Per IEC 61000-4-2:2008 / EN 61000-4-2:2009 Annex B / ISO 10605:2008 Annex B
  • 50Ω SMA connection
  • Dimensions ⌀70×60mm
  • Face-to-face characteristic impedance 50Ω ±1%
  • Face-to-face return loss better than -30dB up to 1GHz, ≤ -20 dB up to 4GHz
  • Face-to-face insertion loss ±0.3dB up to 4GHz
  • Protective face cover plate included

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The Netherlands

Dimensions 242 × 172 × 78 mm
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