Quad SPDT Relay module

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Sometimes a simple relay output remains the best choice. Less worries of switching potentials, AC or DC, PNP vs NPN, etc. Just the plain and simple switching contacts which replace what could have been a toggle switch. Except these are controlled remotely over the CAN(open) bus.


  • Drive four 2A relay outputs
  • CANopen® fieldbus, generic I/O module profile CiA 401
  • Manual override via control panel
  • Configuration via CANopen, control panel or using PC application via micro-USB port
  • Possibility for custom firmware with specific signal processing functions

Plug & Play configuration

Out of the box, the device is configured as self-starting to switch to OPERATIONAL state autonomously. The node-ID is programmed to 44 and one RPDO is configured to receive output updates. This means the device can be used out-of-the-box by writing 2 bytes to ‘raw’ CAN-ID 0x22C. First byte carries a bitmask to indicate which bits must be processed and which are to be ignored. Second byte contains 4 output bits relating to the respective outputs. (Raw meaning without any CANopen stack or functionality on the receiving end.)

  • Automatic switch to NMT state OPERATIONAL
  • RPDO1 (CAN-ID 0x200+$NODEID) receives 2 bytes with 4LSB assigned to the 4 relays


  • 4× SPDT (single pole / double throw) relay, suitable for 30VDC/2A or 125VAC/0.5A * (IEC 61131-2 type 0.25)
  • OLED display shows status and allows for local control, CAN-bus configuration and SDO editing
  • CANopen® device profile for generic I/O modules (CiA 401)
  • Supports LSS node-ID assignment and Fastscan (CiA 305)
  • Supports automatic bit-rate detection between 10kbps and 1Mbps (CiA 801)
  • CAN-FD ‘Ready’ (no active support for FD datarates yet, but tolerates FD traffic on bus)
  • Up-to-date EDS file generated by and downloadable from the device
  • Supports power management & monitoring features (CiA 302-9 + custom for monitoring of bus voltage, input current, CPU voltage and CPU temperature)
  • Bus powered, operating voltage 10-30VDC, <1W *
  • 3-Pin 3.81mm terminal blocks for relay contacts
  • DIN-rail enclosure 101×80, width 17.5mm
  • T-Bus CAN-bus connection // 5-pin 3.81mm terminal block
  • Micro-USB control & bus-powered capability
  • Mating terminal blocks included, including the T-Bus contact block
  • ATEX increased safety ‘ec’ (IEC 60079-7)


P942RP009 Manual Relay 1.0

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The Netherlands

Dimensions 242 × 172 × 78 mm
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