CAN-bus Surge protector

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Protection for CAN-bus systems with wiring that is exposed to lightning induced transients; cables longer than 10m or cables outside buildings.

CAN-bus Surge protector - 12V, GRP
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CAN-bus Surge protector - 24V, GRP
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CAN-bus Surge protector - 12V, ATEX
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CAN-bus Surge protector - 24V, ATEX
 195,00 excl VAT

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Surge protection device (SPD) for CAN-bus and associated DC power. Available for 12V and 24V operation. Clamps 3kA 8/20us surges to +33% of nominal voltage. Clamps over-voltages to +33% of nominal voltage also, but will blow one of the fuses pretty quickly.

The module is enclosed in an outdoor IP66 glass-fiber reinforced (GRP) enclosure, either as standard gray box or antistatic ATEX compliant box.

The electronics of this device is also available as an OEM module for integration in own/larger enclosures.


  • Versions for 12VDC and for 24VDC
  • Series resistance 0.5Ω, maximum current 3A
  • Maximum let-through voltage during 6kV/3kA surge at 85°C VNOM is + 33%, so 16V and 32V respectively
  • 6-Pin 3.81mm pluggable screw terminals for CAN-bus, ground, power, shield and earth
  • Grounds and shields individually terminated to earth via 1nF Y1 capacitors
  • 6kV Surge rated; 1.2/50µs 2Ω on DC-input, 12Ω to earth, 10/700µs 25Ω on CAN-bus/balanced pair
  • Voltage to earth clamped with 510VDC/10kA varistor
  • 120Ω current-limited switchable termination
  • Available with plain or antistatic glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) 80×75×55mm enclosure
  • ATEX increased safety ‘ec’ (IEC 60079-7), dust ignition protection ‘tc’ (IEC 60079-31)
  • Customizable with industrial (M12) connections or cable assemblies


P942RP007 Manual Surge suppressor 1.0

Todo Example surge test report

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Country of Origin

The Netherlands




12V, 24V

Dimensions 200 × 200 × 104 mm
Weight 550 g




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